I had been deeply into wine for a long time as a consumer. I read everything I could get my hands on, and I tasted and collected to the absolute maximum of my financial ability. But after that first harvest I knew it wasn’t enough to simply know about wine, to be able to blind taste, to pick deals off a wine list. Those words my dad told me every day had the opposite effect. The intellectual was partially stimulating, and I was craving the craft and the satisfaction of the work that comes with it.

“Winemakers - the elite ones - are Picasso, they are Da Vinci with industrial skills. They don’t want to meet with you; they don’t want press. They are literally haunted and consumed by what is taking place in the vessels in that winery.”


Within 5 minutes of meeting Marcus, I knew he shared my philosophy. Immediately when you meet him you can feel his artistry and work ethic. It took some time, but the stars finally aligned. Marcus and Megan helped me to secure some amazing fruit contracts. Chris Noud designed what I feel is a beautiful set of labels that capture our brand so perfectly. Domaine Glennon was born.

My promise to you is that every single bottle you open and enjoy with your friends and family is the absolute best we can give. For all of the amazing people involved, we have one thing in common – we refuse to compromise.